The difference in Pizza toppings

Yo! How are you?

You like pizza? You love pizza? Pizza is love ❤️

So ever notice that the base/size of the pizza is the same and based on the different toppings, the price of the pizza varies. This is not something new. It’s an old theory.

Just like the vessel and the contents in it. Usually, we fall for the vessel but the content is important. Based on the best toppings, the price is more. Similarly, based on the pure and positive content of our thoughts, satisfaction in life is more.

So, what you waiting for? Go and hog your favorite pizza but remember to add good, positive, creative, classy content in your thoughts too.

Bbye for now! Enjoy the fooking weekend 😎

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Mental FUCK!

Yeah! I am awesome!

Just so you know(I actually don’t have to say this), anyone can imagine anyone else to have a physical fuck. Yeah, we imagine others and make ourselves satisfied and happy and sometimes tired 😀

But, to actually go ahead and have a mental fuck, we need to have a good, strong bond with the other person. We need to know about how they act and react to particular things and then when you feel agreeable to that, you’re ready for the mental fuck.

I would like to state that as per me, mental fuck is more enriching and deep than a physical fuck and also, it is difficult to attain.

Now, as you’re here, you can think of someone, I guess, with whom you have had a great bonding and then you would have liked to have a mental fuck or maybe you already did.

Now don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy it. Don’t tell me how it ended, if ever it did but I can definitely guarantee that it was worth it all.

There’s nothing brilliant compared to a good, mental fuck where the thought process of both the individuals allign and you nourish the significant time spent together.

If you have had one, you would definitely relate to this post. If not, I hope that you would have one soon. So, go ahead, be vulnerable, and express your thoughts clearly and see how it unravels.



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Let there be everything


In this beautiful month of September

Let there be work

Let there be play

Let there be smiles

Let there be satisfaction

Let there be humor

Let there be gifts

Let there be music

Let there be books

Let there be laughter

Let there be hugs

Let there be travel

Let there be festive

Let there be silence

Let there be ignorance

Let there be judgment

Let there be anger

Let there be sleep

Let there be rest

Let there be excitement

Let there be life

Let there be you

Let there be me

Let there be us ❤

P.S.: This is for each individual out there who lives in routine facing some of all these things. Let there be love. I am becoming a fan of this song of Bruno Mars named That’s what I like.  Feel free to check out my motivational/travel videos @ Darshith Badiyani.


Let them fly

Children are the
Kites flown by their parents
Not all kites
Can fly in the sky
Some are just meant
To be kept at home
Safe & sound
But that’s not
What kites are made for
They have to fly
They have to embrace
The wind up above
That’s what they are made for
So the parents
Got to realize
To fly them
To leave them into
The infinite universe
And have HOPE
That they will find
A good place themselves
After the string is detached
Not all are supposed to
Land on the roofs
Some may even land
In the river or mud
But all these
Exciting things can happen
To the kites
Only if they are
Given the freedom
Freedom to fly
Freedom of risk
Freedom of responsibilities
And that’s how the kites learn
Life is about learning
And not teaching
Let them learn
Let them fly
Let them feel one moment of freedom
Who knows
They might not like the freedom
And come back to you
With happy heart
That you let them fly


P.S.: Today’s pick is FLY BY of Blue. And Happy Makar Sankranti, the festival of kites. No holidays and I am at work 😦 But weekend is almost here 😉

Are you afraid of being lost??

This world is so big, vast, wide that small people like me, like you don’t matter much when seen from Arial view. We think that we are important and we surely are but will we always stay important to the cause of this earth? Will we be always remembered or will be lost? Will be extinct? Will be forgotten??

Its difficult to say this now. But we all are afraid that we may be lost and forgotten of our existence. And if that happens while we are alive & breathing, is a big blow. We all always want to remembered, want to be disturbed, want to be poked no matter we like it or not.

How do we achieve this feat of getting lost while being alive? It’s simple and easy. We don’t do anything for others and you are just “puff” & gone. Humanity is the thing which should always be within us to feel alive, special, peaceful. We don’t have to always think of what we will get if we do something or the other. If possible try to do things without thinking about what YOU will get and instead think what others will benefit from you.

Simple rule is don’t allow yourself to be lost and you will never be lost. And you will not be lost by doing the things that you love to do and want to share with this world. Just socializing is not the way of being present. You have to be present for others without thinking that will they do the same for you. Help others and you will surely be rewarded by mental peace, satisfaction, happiness to say the least. These things are far more important than any materialistic rewards.

One can be present also within the memories of a stranger. Because when this stranger after having a hell of a day sees you smile and exchange a nod while crossing the path, can make his day better and bring a smile to his face & life. This single simple moment will keep you alive forever in his memories. It will urge that stranger also to spread happiness and help being alive and never get lost in someone else’s memory.

One don’t need binoculars to found himself. Just a sacred consciousness to find himself. And in finding himself, he also finds those who matters to him and will help him being found & alive & happy.

Find yourself & others,