Because of someone like me.

Love is something which is close to my heart

It is also close to your heart

It is a universal feeling

Felt by all

Loved by all

Missed by all

Adored by all

But then, there are the lucky ones

Who get to live their whole lives

With the love of their life

Oh! So beautiful!

What a great sight to see them together always

I feel jealous

I feel guilty for not having an ever-lasting love

I feel guilty for letting the chance go by

I feel dreadful for knowingly saying  goodbye

Because I know I won’t find someone like you


But I had to be selfish

I had to think about me first

Because I also won’t find someone like me too!

P.S.: How is this free-verse poem? Please do let me know. Have you ever been in such a situation when you had to prioritize yourself before your love? How did you cope with this? Happy last 2 days of February ❤

Be brave, be selfish, be you!

I am me!
Meet me!
Greet me!
I am a speck of dust
Yet, I am important
You know why?
Because I am alive
Because I exist
I breathe
I laugh
I smile
I cry
I express
I feel
It’s all important
For me because
That’s what makes me who I am
And I am awesome!
Got any doubts?
Please, don’t ask!
Do I care?
Yeah, damn, I don’t!
I love vulgar words
I love to express myself
I love to show who I am actually
I care for you
I like and love you
But you’re never a priority
Because my priority is me
It was difficult to digest it
Learn it
And, thankfully, I did!
I am everything, I know it!
I am grateful for all the things
The sun, the sky, the moon,
the flowers, people, family,
smiles here and smiles there,
hugs, stolen kisses, winks
All the things
But, all of those stop existing
If I stop to exist
If I don’t take care of myself
If I am not my own priority
I am grateful for these selfish thoughts
It has made me happy
It has given me time to invest on things I love
I am happy to be selfish if that makes me happy
Because smiles here, on my face, are important
So are yours, but first,
smiles here and then smiles there
If it is smiles there first,
then for you, it is too,
smiles here and smiles there,
So always the first person,
I, me, myself
I am grateful for such happy times

Be brave, be selfish, be you!


Last weekend I went on a #soloTrek to Shivagange and I loved it. You can tell I am selfish. The hell I care. I love to spend time with myself. If you don’t love/like to be alone, trust me, you’re boring. Start making your life an adventure. Do things you fear. I feared to go on a solo trek, I did it. I conquered it. I was 2640.3 feet above the ground, bare foot, scared, but moving forward. I have shared pics and videos of the place. Feel free to go to the place, if you’re near by Bangalore.

P.S.: One of the new songs which I like to listen to is What lovers do by Maroon5.









So wrong then..

He wanted not to hear it,

he knew he had failed,

he wanted it to get rubbed off of his name,

he wanted never to be linked to it,

he wanted people to forget it,

how he never tried and failed,

he wanted no part of the world,

in which a single soul knows about his failure,

he wanted to start things afresh,

he wanted to try once more,

he wanted to succeed,

he wanted to be happy,

he wanted others to be happy due to him,

he wanted others to smile looking at him and not frown,

he wanted others to help him and not walk away,

he wanted all this because no one wanted him.

He was selfish, cruel, unkind, careless, strict, egoist, unmindful in his youth,

he thought what he did was nothing but just RIGHT & PERFECT,

and, now when he looks back,

deep within he knows, he had been nothing but all WRONG,

and for that his whole life is a failure and now he is old,

no one cares for him just like he didn’t in old times,

now he is alone, diseased, with no one at his bedside,

waiting to leave this world and make it a better place for others.

You, Me & God.. We all are selfish!!

It is said, “There are 3 sides of a situation.. Your’s, Mine and the other’s side.”

Selfish.. The word in itself generates a bad impulse in our brain and a foul sounding word.. According to some WE ALL CAN BE TERMED ‘SELFISH’.. But are we all really selfish??

Every thing can be proved as selfish, but in reality it’s hard to say so..

Can you call a blood donor selfish?
Can you call an army officer selfish?
Can you call a doctor selfish?
Can you call a mother selfish?
Can you call God selfish?

Below is how one can explain the good deeds of all the above as Selfish.. We all see this single world from multiple angles..

Before proving the above as SELFISH, let’s first define the word.. A person who sees his profit only and takes necessary steps to keep himself happy irrespective of what happens to others is known as SELFISH..

So now we go ahead for the proof..

Blood donor donates blood because it’s for a family member.. He wants his family member to live.. Because he thinks that he can’t survive or imagine his world without that person and so he donates his blood.. For his own sake of happiness he donates blood and he is selfish..

An Army officer protects his Motherland and fights his enemies because he wants to see his family members and his countrymen in peace and then he’ll be happy.. so again to make himself happy he makes this contribution and hence he is also selfish..

A doctor saves the lives of his patients or atleast tries his best and goes to limits to save them because it will make him proud of himself and make him happy.. and thus he is also slefish..

A Mother is the one who does everything she can to make her child happy in every way and give her child everything she herself didn’t get in her childhood.. She wants to see her child doing all those things she couldn’t do in her childhood and this makes her happy and so a mother is also slefish..

God.. We all are the children of God.. and he wants all of us to stay in unity and happily.. He does his best to balance the nature when we(His children) try to create imbalance.. God wants to see His creation as perfect and happy and that makes Him selfish..
But the naked truth is that whatever we do WE ALWAYS WANT TO MAKE OURSELVES HAPPY..

If we make ourselves happy by making others Happy, then it is indeed a good deed and a selfless one..
If we make ourselves happy by making others unhappy, then it is being SELFISH!!

Be selfish in the selfless way,