Chasing all our life..

The chase is on

Was or is it ever off??

Before birth the chase starts

And it don’t end

Till after our death also

But the sad part is

Object of chase varies

And we think

That we always

Require to go after

The next object of chase

To make our life better

Greedy Us?!!

Or the society has become that

I love to believe the latter

Chase after good education

Chase after good life partner

Chase after good living

Chase after good livelihood

When do you think

We should draw a line??

Or think too much of chasing

Time to sit down

And enjoy the things

Gathered from the previous chases

But we seldom do

Craving for better

Craving for more & more

Does this crave does any benefit??

To us or our dear ones

I guess it does

Or else why to go till such lengths

But I hope I will get some answers

With passing age

& some wisdom

& on the path of evolution


Of Daughters and Sons


Found this quote a while back and it for me thinking. How relevant it is in the present circumstances.

Personally, I have come across many girls who are fiercely independent, opinionated and very ambitious. Yes there is a majority that’s completely contrary but this tiny percentage is encouraging.

While girls are now being brought up to be tough and strong, boys of or age get the raw end of the deal. They are still taught to cling on to age old customs and beliefs.

I have talked to guys who still believe that girls must not retort, that crying will somehow make you less of a man. There are some who even hide their emotions deep inside due to the fear of being regarded as “effeminate”. As a result of that I have noticed that they develop insecurity and inferiority complex.

Due to this lack of proper wholesome upbringing, when these kinds of men come across independent women, they are intimidated and feel threatened. I think the major cause of harassment or crimes on women is also a direct result of such problems.

Well the only solution that I see would be to teach kids to be strong yet sensitive at a young age. Discouraging gender stereotypes and encouraging critical thinking in kids would pave the way for a better society.

But herein arises yet another problem, the education system. We are so concerned about our academic outcome that we fail to see that the quality of education is dwindling.

In order to change the education system, we would have to take legislative and administrative (governmental) measures, but for that to happen, we would require intelligent concerned representatives in the government.

Such a transparent government would only exist if the citizens realise that the main concern is the intellectual development of the nation and stop fighting over caste, religion and sex, Which is impossible without quality education.

And so the vicious circle continues! It cannot be broken. There is a glimmer of hope that enlightened individuals might interact with the society, and change the dynamics at the grassroot level, the family unit.

There is always hope.

“The problem is not that we are bringing our girls up to be like boys, it is that we are bringing up our boys to NOT be like girls”.