Worth a shot..


What makes you young?

What makes you wild?

What makes you free?

What makes you yourself?

Is it something external

Which is known

Or something internal

Which is unknown

And you are in search of that

And you don’t know whether

You will find it or not

But it’s always

Worth a try

It’s always

Worth a shot

Gambling for happiness

Risking to be yourself

Because you matter

To yourself

Are you ready

To find who you are?

Get indulged..

P.S.: Tune to Summertime Sadness. Indulged in this song since morning 😀

Just tell anything..

I  am feeling filthy

I am feeling bad

Cause I made you sad..

I am feeling lonely

I am feeling mad

Cause I made you sad..

As I made you sad

I am sorry

I will do anything

You ask me to..

Please tell me

Don’t you worry

I will do anything

Told by you..

So just tell anything

From your heart

But baby

Don’t ever go apart..

– Darshith Badiyani ( Dated – 05th Jan, 2011)


Awesome song after eons.. Mast hua Barbad hua !!

Video : Mast Hua Barbad Hua Ishq ka kalma Mujhe yaad hua..

Audio :  Mast Hua Barbad Hua Ishq ka kalma Mujhe yaad hua..

I seldom listen to Hindi songs and this new song has just made me fall for Hindi/Urdu words and LOVE even more.

Beautiful lyrics & song !!

Check it out 🙂