1 wallet, 2 wallet guys!!

All the people we know in this world, were strangers to us, all the contacts we have in our phone, were once strangers in the beginning. But, we start talking to them and a bond is formed. Be it your family member, girl-friend, uncle, milkman, newspaper guy.. ALL!!

How would you feel when your long-lost-friend calls you out of blue and you talk as if you just met yesterday?? Indeed, it’s an exceptional feeling.. I feel the same while talking to some of my friends.

But, now tell me, how would you feel talking to a stranger after say 6 months??
Let me tell you what happened with me..

Just 1 hour ago–

Call from an unknown number..

Stranger: Hello, remember me?
Me: No.. Who are you?

Stranger: You helped me 6 months back for ————————————– (yes suspense, keep reading)
Me: Oh yes!! How are you?

Stranger: I am good. How are you?
Me: Yeah I am also great. Is this your new number?

Stranger: Yes my new number. We are organising a feast on new year’s eve. Please you have to join us.
Me: Sorry man, I have some plans of going out of state. I can’t make it.

Stranger: Ok then we can plan something for Christmas..
Me: Ok, I will let you know. Thanks for the invitation. But you still had my contact number??

Stranger: Yes of course. I will always keep your phone number and will keep disturbing you once in a while. You helped me then, how can I forget.
Me: Yes no problem in that. But thank you for remembering me and inviting me.

Hanged Up!!

Now you think, who this Stranger is? For that, let me take you back in the past vault..

Round about 6 months back

Mother India(this is what I call my mother and has her name saved in my phone :D) had gone to visit her parents in her hometown.
My father, my sisters and I were in home. I reached home from office @ 10pm(project deadline).. Had dinner and went to bed..
The time gap between going to bed and going to sleep is 2-3 hours for me 😀 as in those 2-3 hours I watch series or read novels or blogs or whatever..

Next day was just the same.. Exact same..
But, in the midnight I found a wallet, an unknown wallet on my study table. My sisters and father were asleep.
I had a peek in the wallet and man, it was full of wad of notes. Was I greedy?? Till I know myself, money haven’t had much of an influence in my life YET!!
There were some identity cards also. I looked and found that it belongs to a guy. Sorry, I don’t remember his name, so let’s call him Stranger. I thought I will call Stranger next day in the morning and give him his wallet.
Then, in it, I also found a doctor’s prescription which had some medicine list on it. The list of medicine was billed in the name of a lady. Oh, I was tensed.. I had the contact number of Stranger from his Driver’s license.. Without thinking twice I called the phone number at 1 am past midnight.

Operator service: The number doesn’t exist.. I am confused.
I found another number there in the prescription. Tried that.

Ringing… Ringing… A lady received..

I asked if I can talk to Stranger.. She asked who am I??
I said, I have a wallet with the cards and cash of Stranger with me.. So do you know Stranger? And, she exhaled(as in relief) and gave the phone to Stranger.

Stranger: Hello
Me: Hi Stranger, is your wallet lost?

Stranger: Yes, did you find it? It was my wife who received the call.
Me: Yes it’s with me. So be assured. I am sorry to call so late. But, I saw a receipt of medicine list and thought that it might me important. And also I found cash.

Stranger: I am so relieved that you got the wallet. Thank you for calling. Yes that’s my wallet.
Me: But how do I know that it’s your wallet? You can meet me tomorrow. I will call in the morning with the place & time. Make sure you get a passport pic of both your and your wife and after checking I will hand you your wallet.

Stranger: Yes, we will meet then and there and yes I will get the pics for the confirmation.
Me: Ok great.. Now don’t worry about your wallet and sleep well. you will have all your things safe tomorrow.

Even after the long day at office, I was happy after the call.

Next day–

I met with the guy. He had a stubble with patches of grey on it, aged near about 30. He was the same guy. So simple and true. He had got the passport pic of his wife & himself.
On talking to him, I came to know that they are married since 3 years. They had a baby girl together,but unfortunately, the little girl just survived for 2 weeks and then died in the arms of her father. That is tragedy. And all this had happened just 2 months before. His wife was also in a bit of shock. The medicine list was for some gynic problems and some anti-shock meds. He himself was like a child, smiling and talking like a child, but his eyes were telling all the things and hardness he has gone through.

We each had a bottle of sprite and then after 10 minutes of meeting, we parted ways.. He was very thankful and happy for getting his wallet back. I was also happy for helping the guy but was also sorry to hear his story.

But all this was 6 months ago..

And I couldn’t believe after talking to him today that he still remembers me. It made my day. Indeed, there are good guys in this world.

I was the wallet-guy for him.
He was the wallet-guy for me.

Happiness from a stranger is very satisfying because we get it without any expectations.

Stay blessed,

Unexpected traveling Companion!!

I have a daily routine of going to office and returning back Home in bus.

Buses are a tricky thing. Hustle, crowd always. But its pleasant also for people like me who love spending some own time in bus by staying quiet and sometimes wondering outside the window and relishing the Gifted natural beauty and the artificial buildings, but mostly I don’t look outside the window but into my phone.

I have, since last 1 year, made a good habit of reading books in my phone. I can take all my books everywhere without having any trouble. So, I indulge myself in reading books always and traveling to those lands where the words written by the author take me to.

But today was different, in the traveling time of 30 mins, I was hardly able to read 2 pages cause there was someone special sitting by my side. Yes, there she was. I didn’t notice her in the beginning but once I glanced at her, it was difficult for me to go back to reading.

Boy, she was beautiful indeed and her smile was breath taking. Her big bulging eyes, asking me questions without even opening her mouth. I kept my phone in my pocket because I wanted this 30 mins of journey to stretch a bit long.
The parents of the girl were also there, but they were okay with me having good fun moments with her.

To take the surprise about the girl, she might have been less than 1 year old toddler, but still we were connecting and her laugh was making every traveling passenger look at her, and forget the sorrow of our lives and the parents just could nod by looking at all the passengers and appreciating the smile on every lips. She had just 2 front teeth grown and was bald and wearing a pretty pink colored frock, all making her look far more lovely.

I was the most lucky one cause I got to literally bang my head to her, many a times 😀
Yeah it was good. But the great part was her reaction after the collision. We banged our heads and she was holding the back of her head, as if she felt the collision from the back. But her expressions were different and pretty.

Sorry, I didn’t ask her name but she was an Angel. She made me make some weird expression which luckily made her laugh and all the rest passengers also.


Its good sometimes to have a different irregular start to a day. Hopefully, the weekend also will be awesome for the Month of December is ahead and its time for Santa and New Year to come soon and spread happiness.

Cheers to all the parents for bringing Kids and us to this world and trying to spread happiness.

Keep smiling,