Making of nation !!


Where are they?

I can’t see them

Oh!! They’re invisible

Imaginary, hollow

Non existent

Still have so much power

To divide nations


Do these boundaries really

Bind us?

Or separate us

From those who are on the

Other side

We are all humans

Humanity is what

We should believe in

And iff we all belong to

Some nation

Then let our nation be


Someone else’s be PLAYING

Someone else’s be COOKING

Let the like mindedness

Of the people

Make the nation

Not some imaginary



6 thoughts on “Making of nation !!

  1. Very insightful!! It reminded me of the time when I was studying Globalization and these invisible lines that separate the whole world were discussed in quite detail. It always bothers me how we have marked the world with a marker and created boundaries — I am not sure if that was Nature’s plan in the first place.


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    • Wow you’ve studied globalization great !! Then I think the name of your blogsite is related to that after some out-of-the-box thinking πŸ˜‰ and yes I also feel sad that his we humans discriminate ourselves based on nationality and rationality 😦 I am sure Nature didn’t ever had any plans to separate and divide it’s belonging. The greed and selfishness has made everything bad and the worse days are ahead of us !! What exactly did you discuss in your Globalization class?

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      • Globalization was as exciting as discussing philosophies about the global world and how it operates to as dull as economic trade around the globe. It was a fun subject though — maybe because it was too practical.

        Kind Regards,

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        • Yes economics and politics is what I find very boring also πŸ˜€ but alert for philosophies and inspirational and any related thing πŸ˜‰ You had great learning then πŸ˜› I learned only science and labs and practicals which was also boring 😦

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          • Until my high school, I was a science student too and my life was all about labs and practicals but then I took a leap and opted for law as my undergrad course. My parents were shaken with shock but everything settled with time. I am not even sure myself why I didn’t continue science though.


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            • Good this leap of hope always helps and makes us a better person πŸ™‚ and you’re a better person πŸ˜€ science is generic so it’s good that you opted law.. And now I think I have contact with a lawyer( hopefully you are :P) time do settle things.. Seen that πŸ˜€

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