That rare feeling

I didn’t feel like this

Since a very long time

And it is bad I know

Once in a while

I should feel like this

The feeling of

Churning juices

The feeling of

Craving for food

I am so damn hungry !!

Being a vegan

I can go for non Veg also

Somebody help me

Get me some food

Any food will do

And this rare feeling

Is nourished

For more frequent times

And when I look

At someone

Who are deprived of

The feeling of full stomach

And are acquainted to

The feeling of

Empty stomach

It makes me sad

How a feeling of hunger

Is rare for me

And a feeling of

Full belly is rare for them

Needing everything Is optional

But 3 times a meal

Is mandatory

And I pray to God

That we all make

It possible in

Whatever ways we can

Just trying to eradicate

The Feeling of hunger

It won’t be done


But by the gradual

Effort of one & all

In every measure

So let’s join hands

And also share thoughts

For making it possible..


31 thoughts on “That rare feeling

  1. Let’s not bound it with food only..
    We all are hungry with one or the other thing/s..
    We’ve seen so many children who really eager to study but they can’t. . May be because they are not rich or may be because their parents have some other dreams. .
    We’ve seen so many young talent who deserved to be on a higher post but they couldn’t just because of few politics. .
    This is also a hunger that we (most of us) have, I think. .
    The best thing we can do is to help.. We can try to be “helping hand” for them..
    Nice initiative Darshith.. (y)

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  2. It is just too easy to forget those who are starving, as we sit down to a favorite meal.
    It is just too easy to forget those who have no money, as we spend ours on trinkets of no value.
    It is just too easy to forget those who do not have work, as we complain about our boss.
    It is just too easy to forget those who do not have a roof over their heads, as we complain about our rent.
    It is just too easy to forget those who are living in war zones, as we complain about our bus coming late.
    It is just too easy to forget those who are escaping persecution, as we ask for more vanilla in our latte.

    It is simply just too easy to pretend that these things do not exist, or that we can do nothing to make an impact. In fact it is simply too easy to be self centered and hypocritical about the things that should really matter.

    The cost of a latte once a week can make a difference elsewhere in the world. A smile can make difference to a lonely person, and a friendly touch can make their day.

    The next time that we have time to kill because of a late appointment; the bus/train is late; the latte machine is being cleaned etc. ……… maybe we should spend that time contemplating how we can make a difference?

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    • What you said is so true. Instead of ignoring we do something. That would make a difference. I am so impressed by your ideas and thoughts. Very well said

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        • “Alone we do so little” – is of course very accurate however, doing a little is better than doing nothing. Rather than wait for “togetherness” ……… do a little now! If you want to see a difference ….. sit down on the sidewalk with someone who clearly lives on the street and treat him/her like a valued person. If you want to see a difference, ask him/her if you can buy them a coffee, or a sandwich. A relatively small amount of money will buy a day of food for a person in a 3rd World country. Volunteer at a shelter for abused children; abused women; elderly homeless etc. etc. You will experience incredible personal growth. and will know that you (alone) have impacted other lives in a positive way.
          Of course coordinating efforts to get the potential power of a group action is wonderful, but don’t do nothing in the meantime…………. that is simply procrastination, and nobody benefits from that.


        • My belief is that God did not give them too much food. He simply gave them (and us) the freedom to make choices. He must be very disappointed with the choices that so many people are making but, at some point in their lives, they will look back and ask themselves “What did I do for my less fortunate brothers and sisters?” When they come to the realization that their whole life was centered around themselves, and that they have such little time left, they will die very unhappy people.

          We have choices! We can pass out of this world with celebrations and banners knowing that many will remember us for positive reasons …………… or we can leave quietly and nobody will know that we were ever here. We have choices!

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          • Oh wow !! Now this is a new directioned thought for me and a good one indeed. Yes, we humans are built in such a way that the feeling of gratitude and appreciation is always recessive and the feeling of regret is always dominant. When the time is nigh, this feeling of regret comes & takes us away to the Sad-land 😦 but that’s of no use. If we can appreciate & show some gratitude then it would be better for everyone I think.

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            • Darshith: Show me an elderly person who is always in a bad mood; is always complaining; never says anything positive ………….. and I will say “There’s an example of somebody who has lived a self-centered life style; who has never appreciated what they had, and is now facing the realization that they could have done so much more.”

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              • Ok Colin I guess you have made my life & the way I see a bit easy by your comment & narrowing down the traits of a self centered person. I won’t deny the fact that I don’t any but now I know why they do that and now when I know why they do that, may be I can work on it to make them feel better about themselves and make their level of regret less. You are a saviour Colin.


                • Saviour? Certainly not! Just somebody who has experienced much ………..and learned from it. Life is a great teacher but, like any teacher, we have to pay attention in order to learn. πŸ™‚

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                • Yes Bingo !! We gotta pay attention to learn anything from anyone let alone be Life πŸ™‚ Yes even not a Saviour, Experience is such an attribute which helps cross many complex situations with just some injuries rather than being all broken & dead πŸ˜‰

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