Darshith  +  ________  =  Complete

Such a simple equation for me.

For me, the blank can be filled by Books, Football, Writing, TV series, Friends & family, Sleepless nights, #TheOne

Hope #TheOne hasn’t arrived yet and the meeting is yet to happen 😛 I am more like Chandler of Friends than Ted of HIMYM 😀 So Monica, where are you? 😀


You  + _______  =  Complete

Fill the blank for yourself and realize 😉 You can post a comment regarding the same also so that I can know what all things can make you complete or let’s say you’ll realize what all things make you complete 😀


P.S.: Today’s pick is Sing of Ed Sheeran because it’s weekend 😛

62 thoughts on “Complete

  1. Nice post here.. But I really feel only one blank space wouldn’t be enough… I personally don’t think someone should depend on ONLY one thing so much, that it completes their life. It’s kinda unhealthy relationship!🙂
    If I were to answer this – it would be ME+[…]= COMPLETE; that […] would depend where and what I’m into at that moment!
    BT-DUBS, I loved the Ed Sheeran song “Sing”…. always cheers me up!😉

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  2. The first thing that came to my mind on seeing the “Blank Space” was Taylor Swift 😀 One of my favourite songs of my favourite singer in the world. But I guess my answer would be “Deepika + Writing Her Dream Novels = Completion” 😉

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  3. Well Chandler, for me I would say Friends, Family, Music, Chocolate, Zumba, Writing in WordPress, Books, Travel, Movies, Food in General 😉 Coffee, Love and Affection and more 🙂 Great song choice, I love to sing this song in the car! 😛 Ed Sheeran is awesome 😀

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  4. Ok.. That caught me off guard 😁😁

    I wanna say ” Family”, but that’s not just it. There’s more to me.. More to complete me. Family has always been my survival gear, something I can’t live without.

    But what completes me?? What defines me..??

    Something I haven’t decoded yet! Whoa.. I didn’t know, I was incomplete 😂😂

    Thank you for starting a series of OCD thoughts now buddy😂😂👍🏻💝

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