Looping relationships!!

Same persons.. Same question.. But different answers.. Over a span of time..

A boy has crush on a girl and starts talking in WhatsApp. So here goes the conversation–

Boy: Hi, how was ur day?
Girl: Hey, ok!!

Boy: Hello, how was your dayyy??
Girl: Hiee, yes today was good.

Boy: Heyya, how was ur day??
Girl: Hi Dear, yes the day was grrreatt.. went for shopping!!

Now, they are kinda in a relationship.. so the days again start from 1… Names are changed from Boy to BF & Girl to GF.. No description needed right? 😛

BF: Hey sweeto, how was ur day Baby? Missed me??
GF: Hi Jaan, yes today was really awesome!! Yes missed you but I know you missed me more 😛 had fun with office colleagues. They are so funny and always gets cold drinks and chips for me when we go to watch movies 😉

BF: Hello Dear, How was your sweet day?
GF: Hi Baby, yes today you say how was your day first??(Just for formality :D) Cause mine was not that good. Had a fight with my BFF and won’t ever talk to her again. Please call me naa now, wanna talk to someone.

BF: How was your day?
GF: Yeah same old. Went outside with friends. You still watching football?

BF: Hey..
GF: Had a very bad day today. Now with relatives. Will talk later.

BF: Do you EVER sincerely want to know how was MY day?
GF: Yes Baby, I always want to know. Leave all this, tell me How are you? How was your day? You OK?

GF: Hey, how was ur day?
Boy: Yes ok. Please dont message me anymore!!

And then again, the Day starts from 1(that too twice) and names are also changed, but yes the characters are a bit shuffled and others new characters also keep on getting added 😀
*This conversation is not purely imaginary, and resemblance to any fact or person is intentional.

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