You, Me & God.. We all are selfish!!

It is said, “There are 3 sides of a situation.. Your’s, Mine and the other’s side.”

Selfish.. The word in itself generates a bad impulse in our brain and a foul sounding word.. According to some WE ALL CAN BE TERMED ‘SELFISH’.. But are we all really selfish??

Every thing can be proved as selfish, but in reality it’s hard to say so..

Can you call a blood donor selfish?
Can you call an army officer selfish?
Can you call a doctor selfish?
Can you call a mother selfish?
Can you call God selfish?

Below is how one can explain the good deeds of all the above as Selfish.. We all see this single world from multiple angles..

Before proving the above as SELFISH, let’s first define the word.. A person who sees his profit only and takes necessary steps to keep himself happy irrespective of what happens to others is known as SELFISH..

So now we go ahead for the proof..

Blood donor donates blood because it’s for a family member.. He wants his family member to live.. Because he thinks that he can’t survive or imagine his world without that person and so he donates his blood.. For his own sake of happiness he donates blood and he is selfish..

An Army officer protects his Motherland and fights his enemies because he wants to see his family members and his countrymen in peace and then he’ll be happy.. so again to make himself happy he makes this contribution and hence he is also selfish..

A doctor saves the lives of his patients or atleast tries his best and goes to limits to save them because it will make him proud of himself and make him happy.. and thus he is also slefish..

A Mother is the one who does everything she can to make her child happy in every way and give her child everything she herself didn’t get in her childhood.. She wants to see her child doing all those things she couldn’t do in her childhood and this makes her happy and so a mother is also slefish..

God.. We all are the children of God.. and he wants all of us to stay in unity and happily.. He does his best to balance the nature when we(His children) try to create imbalance.. God wants to see His creation as perfect and happy and that makes Him selfish..
But the naked truth is that whatever we do WE ALWAYS WANT TO MAKE OURSELVES HAPPY..

If we make ourselves happy by making others Happy, then it is indeed a good deed and a selfless one..
If we make ourselves happy by making others unhappy, then it is being SELFISH!!

Be selfish in the selfless way,

5 thoughts on “You, Me & God.. We all are selfish!!

  1. “Striving To Seek Selflessness In Selfishness”… Wonderful article indeed. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and yes, I agree. I have always believed that we are selfish by nature, that’s not so bad is it.. As long as it doesn’t harm others… Just like you mention in your article. Wonderful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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