One of the many mothers who cry

Today was the last of the 25 days I spent at home
Because of my father’s health
And I had to leave 12 hours early to catch my flight
Because I had to collect some hospital documents
And it is tragic that you can’t spend extra time with your mother
We were making thepla together this morning
So that I can eat them at the airport whenever hungry
And the fan of the kitchen was not switched on
I saw a drop of sweat dancing on the tip of my mother’s nose
And I told her to switch on the fan
And then I realized that she had more tears than sweat on her face
And her eyes were all red
And she was trying to hold on to her tears
And I felt like the stupidest son ever
But this is how goodbyes are
And then we all have to part ways
Sooner or later

I wish I could make it better and easier for her and others, but, sadly I cannot.

Click to know the recipe to make theplas.

And a video why all mothers are the best — Leaving Home

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P.S.: Copyrights to for the featured image. Rest all copyrights are mine 😉 How are you? I never missed writing because I just did not publish but wrote some good ideas down. Will post them. Song recommendation in the next post 😀


4 thoughts on “One of the many mothers who cry

  1. My mom as well.
    After I got married and shifted to Pune. Every time I visit home and about to leave for Pune, my mom gets choked and hugs me. She tries to put a strong face but ends up crying Everytime after I leave. I miss her a lot too,…. That’s how mom’s are ! Caring, loving and so giving !

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  2. Darshith, you are such a wonderful son and person. Your mom is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her. I can completely understand and relate to how she felt, it’s just how we mom’s/women are wired ❤ God bless her, you, your family and your dad… I hope he’s better now. 😇 What a beautiful post to express how special and emotional that moment was for everyone.💕 I’ll have to try this recipe too! 😊

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  3. My mom cried on my birthday. Because it was a holiday for her and she was at home while I was here. Whenever she went to my room she felt sad. So she went to bank and worked for about half day so that she wouldn’t be reminded of me. That day she called me and cried.

    My Mom was very sad when I left too. But she didn’t cry. I know she must have. Before or after I left. It is the worst feeling when parents cry.

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