Always on meds..


I don’t suffer from ill-health or temperature

I suffer from love

Love that doesn’t see me

Love that doesn’t want to see me

Love that is not felt for me

Love that is non-existent

Love is my disease

And I am the patient

Always injured

Always suffering

Always admitted

Always on meds

Known as friends

Who give me strength

To accept and to forget

This contagious disease..

81 thoughts on “Always on meds..

  1. I would prefer you to be stop being on Med !

    I wonder how this is coming down again,
    I was wishing you have now been vaccinated
    and nothing can trouble you anymore
    you have learnt the key to live with it
    inside of you growing side by you
    yet not doing any harm to you
    well may give some pain at times
    but you have your protector WBCs
    who have become capable enough
    to fight and protect you and the inside
    so that you need not take any meds?

    Sounds plausible ?

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